32-bit Cafe Halloween '23 Event Submissions

2023.10.11 - 2023.10.25

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Last Edited: 2023-10-30

If you submitted something and if we missed it, or you're just a little late, you can submit it over at the submission page! If you have something up here but want it adjusted email me at slug@32bit.cafe!

Table of Contents

Music Submissions

Choose some music to listen to while exploring! These are playlists or songs contributed to the event, made to get you in the Halloween vibes!.

Somebody's Watching Me (Halloween 2023 Release) [2023]

♬ Listen to this song

Contribution by PAINTKILLER

- Rockwell

- Top Tracks: Somebody's Watching Me

- More: Somebody's Watching Me. On repeat. Forever.

halloween vocaloid songs

♬ Listen to this playlist

Contribution by vita

a curated list of vocaloid halloween/horror songs from over the years, from creepy-cute to spine-chillers

Content warnings and more info can be found in the playlist description

Page Submissions

Entries are listed in alphabetical order. Links are provided to the author's URL, which may have changed since the event period.

means that the page has autoplay enabled, expect audio when you click it!

Submitter Entry
Ansehelm Halloween 2023
artwork artwork's Halloween Shrine
Bliss-net Yuki's Spooky Cute Halloween 23'
Clover Princess Clover's Halloween Shrine
Clover Princess Free-to-Use Halloween Backgrounds
Clover Princess Spooky Poem
Divergent Rays Trick or Treat!
fae spooky room
Frills CSS Ghost
jay my spooky page
JR the Frog Click and Treat
kira halloween 2023
kirbystarflower candy bucket
Lav | Justfluffingaround Horror Movie Playlists
leviathren sleepy hallow
Levya happy halloween!
Loren Link graveyard
RodFireProductions Skeleton Romantic | Halloween 2023
rosemary happy halloween from hill house!
SakuraDreams Sakura Dreams Halloween
Shannon Kay Halloween (Shannon Kay)
Sushi Halloween 2023
yarrow Softmodding for Thrill Seekers

Pixel Art Submissions

Credits and cliques can be found at the end of the page! Images will link to the creator of the piece if given, or their Halloween page. Additionally, it will have the name of the creator set as its title, this way you can see who contributed it when hovering over, or when you are using a screen reader.

Pixel art submissions have been attributed with a link to the creator's site or with the creator's name/handle if no website link is provided. If you wish to use any Pixel Art from the event, one must agree to link back to the creator listed on the event page or credit them by name if not provided. Big thanks to everyone who contributed in some way!

Halloween Street

See how community decorated the street for Halloween!

Protection Charms

Before exploring, make sure you pick up a charm to keep you safe.

Haunted Tower

Be wary, the spirits here can be mischevious.

Ghastly Decorations

Decorate your room with a jazzy new centerpiece!

Deadly Garden

The monster-sized pumpkins can be found here, the community's familiars that roam the grounds and various guests. Be careful or you might get bit!

Devilish Concoctions

Help yourself to one of our treats, or take your chance with a potion!